Green & Healthy Homes

It’s often said that “home is where the heart is,” and we want to put wellbeing at the “heart” of our homes. The environment in our homes has the potential to significantly affect our health and wellbeing. Increasing awareness of these impacts and translating them into value are important parts of our mission.

As we develop the scope for this part of the campaign, we are:

  • Reviewing the evidence base and identifying gaps;
  • Talking to leading experts and stakeholder groups; and
  • Exploring what types of tools and guidance can improve outcomes through the whole building lifecycle.

As part of their regional Better Places for People work, the UK Green Building Council has released a new report, Health and Wellbeing in Homes, which examines the key features of healthy and green homes and communities. Their work has themes that are common throughout the world and more work will be forthcoming from a number of other Green Building Councils soon.