Established GBC CEO Network

Sharing experiences and expertise between Green Building Councils is one of the strengths of our global network. In 2016, we developed specific and on-going networking for a subset of Green Building Councils – those who have achieved Established status.

This group of around 30 Established Green Building Councils meets virtually every six weeks to discuss a wide range of topics, ranging from best practice on governance, staffing and business planning issues, through to identifying and scoping new global projects. These interactions are facilitated by WorldGBC and are exclusive to Established Green Building Councils, with some topics reserved for their CEOs, while others are open to senior staff.

The CEOs of Established Green Building Councils also meet once a year in person. The first of these meetings took place in Toronto, Canada, in June 2016.

For further information, please contact Jonathan Laski, Director of Global Projects and Partnerships, via