Member Benefits

WorldGBC’s aim is to enable each member Green Building Council to be as strong as possible, so they can advance the green building movement and make sure many more people embrace green buildings as a solution to the environmental, economic and societal issues we all face today.

Our work and the value we deliver to our members is shaped with this in mind.

Member Green Building Councils receive the following benefits:

1. Strengthened brand & profile - through WorldGBC’s various marketing and communications activities such as World Green Building Week, the WorldGBC blog and news, press and social media, and at high profile events such as UN climate change conferences.

2. Global leadership status - through activities such as hosting WorldGBC’s annual Congress, holding a seat on the WorldGBC Board, engaging with our Corporate Advisory Board, or by chairing meetings of our Regional Networks.

3. Involvement in WorldGBC’s global projects and partnerships - such as Advancing Net Zero, the Building Efficiency Accelerator, and the Better Places for People Campaign.

4. Participation in WorldGBC’s Regional Networks - including, but not limited to, participation in regional projects, regular Regional Network meetings, knowledge exchange with fellow Green Building Council staff and industry experts, and access to local or regional funding.

5. Access to tools and resources - to help strengthen Green Building Councils’ business plans and governance, and to equip them (and their members) with knowledge and information on green building, such as market data or toolkits.

Not all benefits are equally accessible across our three different membership levels (Prospective, Emerging and Established). For a more detailed list of the benefits and opportunities available to each Green Building Council, please contact Dominika Czerwinska, Director of Membership and Regional Networks, via