BASF contributes to sustainable construction for world's largest concentrated solar plant in Morocco

Thursday 18th May 2017


BASF, the German chemical company and a Regional Partner of WorldGBC’s Europe Regional Network, has contributed specialised solutions for the construction of the biggest solar plant in the world.

At around 2,635 kWh/m², the Noor Solar plant in Ouarzazate, Morocco, has one of the highest levels of annual solar irradiance in the world due to its proximity to the Sahara Desert, making it the perfect site for high efficient energy production. Yet its extreme environment also poses a substantial challenge for the facility in terms of resilience and durability.

The BASF Construction Chemicals division delivered a solution in response to this challenge, with high performance concrete products as well as grouting. These products extend workability at high temperatures and in sandy conditions, helping to ensure a durable and long service life for the solar plant.

The first of three phases of construction of the Noor solar complex began in February 2016. At completion, the complex will cover an area of about 30 square km, and produce roughly 500 Megawatts of energy, enough to power over one million homes by 2018 whilst lowering carbon emissions.

Andres Monroy, Managing Director of BASF Northwest Africa, said: “We are proud that we are able to contribute our innovative solutions and know-how to help our customers master the challenges of this complex construction project.”

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