David Gottfried

Founder of USGBC & WorldGBC, and CEO of Reset360


David Gottfried is known as a father of the global green building movement: founding the U.S. Green Building Council and the World Green Building Council. Gottfried’s work help start a global movement with hundreds of thousands of green buildings and accredited professionals in most of the world’s countries: a multi-trillion dollar market. 

Gottfried was the CEO of Regenerative Ventures. The company helped accelerate commerce and adoption of advanced greentech products and methodologies for leading global organisations. Representative past clients include: Dreamworks, Starbucks, Genentech, Apple, Stanford University, the State of California and the government of China. 

David served as the CEO of Reset360 which formulates and distributes hormone-balancing and anti-aging books, courses and nutritional shakes, bars and supplements. The company’s products are guided by Dr. Sara Gottfried MD, a three-time New York Time bestselling author and global precision medicine authority. 

Gottfried had previous tenures as a real estate developer and construction manager, and has served as a strategic adviser to over a hundred global organisations over the past 30 years. Gottfried’s degree is in Engineering and Resource Management from Stanford University. He

has received numerous leadership awards, including the WorldGBC Global Green Building Entrepreneurship Award (which was given out annually in Gottfried’s name from 2012 - 2018), USGBC’s Leadership Award and the USGBC Northern California Chapter’s Super Hero Award. He was inducted into the Green Industry Hall of Fame and named to the Purpose Economy 100 for his pioneering work. 

Gottfried is a global keynote speaker and the author of three influential books including the award winning bestseller Explosion Green (2014). He is the host of the Regen360 iTunes Podcast. His former residence was the highest rated LEED Platinum home in the world. He lives in Moraga California with his wife and two daughters.