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Americas Net Zero Readiness Framework

Global trends and climate finance is increasingly focused on supporting the decarbonisation agenda as a vehicle to truly achieve compliance with the Paris Agreement. In this regard, it is necessary to develop national roadmaps that define how the building sector will make the transition to net zero.

The Zero Carbon and Climate Resilience Framework, originally developed in our Asia Pacific region, consists of five pillars – Government, Technical Solutions, Data, Finance and Mindset. This creates a holistic picture of a market’s readiness towards net zero, identifying the existing opportunities and the gaps that need to be a focus for the coming years. 

The Americas Regional Network is leading work to adapt the framework for the LatAm market so that GBCs can then use the framework to create their own national roadmap for decarbonisation. 

You can view the Asia Pacific Zero Carbon and Climate Resilience Framework here. If you are interested in being involved in adapting the Framework to our LatAm region please contact our Americas Programmes Head, Laura Chapa

National Decarbonisation Roadmaps

Through the leadership of Green Building Councils in Colombia and Chile, these two countries already have national decarbonisation roadmaps. 

 Colombia GBC decarbonisation roadmap

The Zero Carbon Net Buildings Roadmap was presented at the XIII Edition of Construverde 2022 ‘International Forum & Expo Sustainable Design and Construction Towards Action’, with the goal of reaching net zero in all new buildings by 2030 and all buildings net zero by 2050.
The document provides a reference framework, contemplating goals and actions to be implemented in this sector to contribute to carbon neutrality; a goal set for the year 2050 by the National Government through the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development.
To achieve sectoral transformation, short, medium, and long-term actions were identified across the entire value chain of the building and construction sector – including urban planning, materials, transportation and distribution, design, labelling, certification, water and energy use, and waste management.

Download the Roadmap (Spanish version)

 Chile GBC decarbonisation roadmap