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The Americas are home to ancient civilizations, entrepreneurs and innovators, and communities of dazzling diversity. Yet North, Central, and South America all share the risks that come with growing cities, climate change and resource scarcity. And all recognise that buildings offer a key opportunity to address problems, mitigate risk and improve communities.

North America has the most advanced green building market, with predictions that by 2018 green building in the US will account for more than one third of the entire construction sector. In Canada, green building already represents almost a quarter of the construction workforce. Commercial, manufacturing, hospitality, retail and government sectors continue to drive market uptake of green building, while leveraging green building for schools and affordable housing remains a social priority.

Central and South America have smaller but active green building markets. This region is one of the most urbanised parts of the world, with 80 per cent of people living in cities or urban areas. By 2025, these cities will see more than 20 per cent growth, and be home to over 315 million people. Implementing green building practices will be crucial to ensuring a high quality of life for those who live, work and play in these cities. 

To enquire about becoming an Americas Regional Partner, contact Juanita Alvarez, Regional Head, Americas Network

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