Bioconstruccion y Energia Alternativa

Sustainable Building Consultancy Firm

Member of SUMe (Mexico), USGBC

2 Buildings

760 m2 total floor area

17.5 tCO2e portfolio carbon emissions

28 employees

Bioconstrucción y Energía Alternativa is a trailblazing professional services firm, committed to leading by example, to inspire and nurture world-class sustainable building projects. Maximum reduction in carbon emissions (embodied and operational) is the ultimate performance appraisal for green buildings. Every single property, new or existing, is an opportunity for positive change.




Commit to occupying and/or owning only net zero operational carbon assets by 2030.Maximally reduce then compensate any residual embodied carbon for new and renovated assets under direct control by 2030.



Publicly disclose via annual reporting, energy consumption and scope 1&2 operational carbon emissions from own portfolio. Disclose embodied carbon emissions, reduction measures and offsetting.



Implement a company-wide ‘Decarbonisation Programme 2022-2030’ for both new buildings and existing asset operations. Energy efficiency, along with renewable energy supplies. Identifying emissions hotspots, setting SBTIs, and Whole Building LCAs.



Verify real estate portfolio carbon emissions data and performance through applicable reporting protocols (ie. GRI, UN Global Compact, CDP) via a third party and/or 3rd party certifications (ie. GRESB, LEED, ILFI or similar).



BEA commits to leading, inspiring, and actively promoting low carbon domestic B&C/property industries. Work with clients to improve their ‘Decarbonisation Programme’ with realistic and attainable milestones to net zero carbon buildings by 2050.

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