Green Building Council


China Green Building Council ( China GBC ) is a branch of Chinese Society for Urban Studies, approved by the Chinese Association for Science and Technology and registered by the Ministry of Civic Affairs. It is a non-profit national and academic organization to support the government in promoting the green building development in China, which is directed by Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural. It is formed freely by experts, scholars and professionals who are engaged in green building research and practice and by a wide range of companies and enterprises in the fields of planning, design, real estate development, engineering, construction and consultation, as well as by research and educational institutions and related administrative agencies.

The China GBC’s mission: to insist on the scientific view of development, engage in thorough research on theories and policies to promote green building and building energy efficiency in the context of the socialist market economy, endeavor to construct a scientific system of green buildings and building energy efficiency that is best suited to national conditions, improve the efficiency in resource and energy use in China’s rapid urbanization, protect and improve human habitat, actively participate in global academic exchange, promote advancement of green building and building energy efficiency technology, support talent development and facilitate communication and collaboration for the development of green building and building energy saving in China.

China GBC’s organizational principle: to persist in collaboration between the industry and academic community, focus on implementation and innovation, service the industry, and implement democratic consultation. China GBC’s Scope of Business: conduct researches on theories relating to green building and building energy efficiency, do academic exchanges and international cooperation, organize professional and technical training, compile academic publications, organize public outreach and education programs for promotion of green building knowledge, and provide consulting services to relevant governmental departments and business entities.



The contribution of green buildings in the fight against COVID-19

Mon, 23rd Mar 2020

December 2019 saw an outbreak of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) which has now spread widely around the world. Prevention and control are key elements when facing major public health emergencies.

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China GBC starts delivering on net zero

Fri, 28th Jun 2019

After a first successful year of being part of the WorldGBC global network, China Green Building Council has been actively engaged in a range of initiatives to support our collective mission for green buildings for everyone, everywhere.

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Clearing the Air: How Beijing is building up to better air quality

Wed, 15th May 2019

With air pollution in Beijing a longtime and well documented environmental and health crisis, Mr Wang Qingqin of China Academy of Building Research (CABR) details some of the improvements to ambient (outdoor) air quality in Beijing, and the impact of these improvements on indoor environmental quality.

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World Green Building Council and China Green Building Council announce partnership to accelerate commitment to reduce carbon in the world's largest building market

Mon, 2nd Apr 2018

This partnership is hugely significant as China is the largest building construction market in the world, with up to 2 billion square meters constructed annually, accounting for nearly half of new construction globally in the coming decade.  

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