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Each Regional Network works on various projects that enable Green Building Councils to accelerate their efforts nationally and regionally. These projects are chosen by Green Building Councils in a region, and are based on strategic priorities set out by the Network, the number of Green Building Councils that can engage, and the impact that can be achieved. 



WorldGBC Asia Pacific leadership in Green Building Awards 2016

Wed, 5th Oct 2016

The Asia Pacifc Leadership in Green Building Awards celebrate the iconic green buildings, up-and-coming innovators and inspiring companies driving change and creating a better future throughout the region.

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Asia Pacific Leadership in Green Building Awards - 2014

Mon, 1st Sep 2014

The Leadership in Green Building Awards honor outstanding organisations for their commitment to sustainability, and celebrate innovative green building projects...

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Further reading

Across Asia Pacific there are serious issues of congestion. People are often cramped into small living and working spaces, built with low cost in mind, and which overlook the negative effects that these badly constructed buildings have on the people who occupy them.

Property investors, particularly in the Asia Pacific region, often still see green building as an added cost...


Monday 10th April 2017 to Tuesday 11th April 2017

This Asia Pacific Regional Network meeting is hosted by the Malaysia Green Building Confederation.

Monday 20th November 2017 to Tuesday 21st November 2017

This Asia Pacific Regional Network meeting is hosted by the Philippine Green Building Council.