We know buildings are major contributors to climate change. But we also know that green buildings offer one of the most cost-effective solutions to climate change and can lead to significant environmental, economic and social benefits around the world.

That’s why our work, and the work of our member Green Building Councils, is absolutely vital if we are to realise green building for everyone, everywhere. It is through our global projects and partnerships, our Regional Networks and their projects, and our high-profile campaigns and events, that we will achieve our mission.

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Green Building Councils have shared interests and encounter similar challenges and opportunities, and our global projects and partnerships enable them to connect and collaborate so they can achieve results faster and more effectively.

Our global campaigns such as World Green Building Week and Better Build Green, and the events that take place as part of them, are key to raising awareness of the benefits of green building and growing the influence of our global green building movement.

Our Regional Networks are powerful, collaborative platforms where Green Building Councils can effectively exchange knowledge, generate new ideas and design solutions that speed up green building in their own markets and across the region.