Redevco B.V.

Real Estate Management and Investment Company

Member of DGBC, UK GBC

300 Assets

2,426,448 sqm total floor area

7956 tCO2e portfolio annual carbon emissions

200 employees

Redevco is a European investment management company with a clear focus and passion for urban real estate, with an  aspiration to deliberately future-proof clients’ assets under Redevco’s management together with their occupiers. They strive to contribute to low-carbon, resilient, dynamic and liveable cities, and to deliver above-average returns for investor clients.



Commit all buildings within direct control to operate at net zero by 2030, achieve maximum reductions of embodied carbon in new developments and major renovations by 2030, and compensate for any residual in-control operational and upfront embodied emissions.



Measure and publicly disclose annual energy consumption and whole life embodied carbon emissions in Responsible Investment Report.



Develop and implement a decarbonisation roadmap that outlines a reduction first approach, focusing on energy efficiency and renewable energy generation or procurement, to achieve operational net zero carbon. Maximise the reduction of embodied carbon in all new developments and major renovations to achieve the lowest whole life emissions, compensating for any remaining residual upfront embodied carbon aat point of completion.



Verify energy consumption and whole life carbon emissions annually by an independent third party.



Advocate for wider emissions reductions by actively engaging with all stakeholders in our supply chain, both upstream and downstream, especially our tenants. Work towards net zero assets under management by 2040 including scope 3 emissions.

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