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19 assets
11,936 m2 total floor area
596 tCO2e portfolio annual carbon emissions

Integral Group is an interactive global network of design professionals collaborating under a single deep green engineering and consulting umbrella. They provide a full range of building system design and energy analysis services, with a staff widely regarded as innovative leaders in their fields. Located in offices across North America, Europe, and Australia, their passion for sustainable design runs deep. Their mission is to be the top quality deep green engineering and consulting firm with a global reach.


Member of Australia, Canada, UK and US Green Building Councils

680 employees

Joined in 2018, Signatory of WLC Commitment

1. Commit

Commit to occupying assets which are net zero carbon Scope 1 and 2 by 2030, with an accelerated target of 2020; all new construction and major renovations of existing assets to be net zero embodied carbon by 2030

2. Disclose

Measure and publicly disclose through an annual report, which includes going beyond carbon/environmental disclosure to include social indicators for a holistic ESG approach.

3. Act

Implement a decarbonization roadmap that prioritizes reductions through ongoing energy and refrigerant efficiency upgrades across tenancies, working with landlords on renewable energy procurements and electrification strategies. Maximize embodied carbon reductions and compensate for any residual upfront embodied emissions for any new developments or major renovations of existing assets under direct control, if applicable.

4. Verify

Verify annual energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions through the WorldGBC SME pathway, completing external third-party assessments every three years to ensure integrity and alignment with our goals and commitments.

5. Advocate

Advocate by providing a net zero carbon pathway for every design project undertaken; continue leading research on Whole Life Carbon of MEP systems; and expand the net zero carbon conversation beyond buildings into infrastructure. Additional aspirational internal target to achieve net zero carbon emissions from operational waste, business flights, and employee commute by 2030.

Commitment Partner Initiatives

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