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13 assets
4,600 m2 total floor area

Newsec offers owners, investors and tenants a full range of real estate services. In Finland, they manage €15 billion in assets, annually sign lease agreements amounting to over 200,000 m2 and manage transactions of over €800 million. Newsec wants to play an active part as an organisation, employer and partner in contributing to a more sustainable society.


Member of Finland Green Building Council

502 employees

1. Commit

Commit to reaching net zero carbon operating emissions by 2030 in all Newsec occupied offices.

2. Disclose

Measure, disclose and assess annual energy demand and carbon emissions within Newsec occupied offices. Disclose within annual sustainability reporting.

3. Act

Develop and implement a decarbonisation roadmap detailing actions and milestones. These actions will include utilising green electricity, staff sustainability training and encouraging landlords towards the usage of renewables.

4. Verify

Demonstrate enhanced energy performance, reduced carbon emissions and progress towards net zero carbon. The verification of these will be implemented by third-party assessor.

5. Advocate

Display leadership in supporting the transition towards a net zero carbon real estate sector by acting as a forerunner in Finland. Newsec will continue to encourage its management clients to commit to the Net Zero Carbon Buildings Commitment as a part of their on-going sustainability programs.