The WorldGBC is currently producing a report on Sustainable Attainable Housing. With this publication, WorldGBC hopes to address some of the challenges and barriers in order to catalyse the development of high-quality, sustainable and attainable housing that can address our global housing crisis, and why we MUST invest in sustainable, attainable housing for everyone, everywhere.

The WorldGBC global network invites the network membership and wider industry to submit case studies for consideration in the report. To illustrate the principles of sustainable, healthy, attainable/affordable housing in practice we are looking for examples of operational residential buildings from around the world that demonstrate exemplary design and operation to enhance health and wellbeing (at occupant and community scale), resource efficiency (including circularity principles and aligning to net zero carbon), community engagement, resilience and adaptability to climate change and economic accessibility. We invite case studies that demonstrate exemplary performance and industry leadership in one or more of these areas.  

We want to reflect the diversity of our global demographic and are looking for case studies from Europe, Asia Pacific, Americas and Africa and MENA. As we can only include a limited number of case studies within the report, we will review each submission thoroughly for consideration for inclusion.

If you have any questions, please do reach out to WorldGBC at, and we greatly look forward to receiving your submissions by 30 August 2022.


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