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The North and South American continents collectively are home to over one billion people. The Americas have a rich history of ancient civilisations, entrepreneurs, innovators, and cultural diversity. Yet North and Latin America all share the risks that come with growing cities, climate change, and resource scarcity. And all recognise that buildings offer a key opportunity to address problems, mitigate risk and improve communities.

North America has the most advanced green building market, with commercial and government sectors alike continuing to drive the uptake of sustainable building best practices. The growth of sustainable buildings in this region has been oriented towards existing buildings/retrofits, new institutional construction and new commercial construction.

Latin America is home to almost 64 percent of the total population of the Americas (658 million people), and this is expected to increase 20 percent by 2040. This region is one of the most urbanised parts of the world, with 80 percent of people living in cities or urban areas. Significant growth is expected for this region in relation to the increase in sustainable buildings, especially in the commercial, new construction sector, high-rise residential construction, existing/rehabilitated buildings and new low-rise residential construction.

Ensuring the built environment is on a clear path to decarbonise by 2050 (with significant progress by 2030), will be crucial to ensuring a high quality of life for those who live, work and play in these cities.

Collectively, our partners and Green Building Councils within our Americas Regional Network are driving a zero-carbon, resilient, healthy and equitable future.

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Our work

The work led by WorldGBC’s global network is underpinned by our strategy – Sustainable Buildings for Everyone, Everywhere and our global programmes.

Each Regional Network works together towards the goals of our global strategy. The Green Building Councils within the Americas Regional Network accelerate the uptake of our global programmes, and lead tailored regional projects that meet the needs of the local market, helping to achieve sustainable built environments for everyone, everywhere.


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Regional Partners

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