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Becoming a Green Building Council

Green Building Councils (GBCs) exist in more than 70 countries across the world – but we must increase this number. Our long term goal is to have a GBC in every country to make sustainable built environments a reality for everyone, everywhere.

If you’ve witnessed our exciting international work, or have attended an event hosted by a GBC and would like to join our global movement by establishing a national GBC that is a recognised member of WorldGBC, here are three key steps:

1. Gather the right people & create a strong plan (Prospective Member).

Bring together key representatives from different parts of the building sector in your country and create a founding group who will initially lead the design and implementation of your GBC’s governance and business plan. Remember that a GBC is a not-for-profit, NGO, member organisation.

2. Develop operational capacity to pursue your plan (Emerging Member). 

Create a steady and diversified revenue stream for your Green Building Council (for example, through membership) and hire staff to manage its day-to-day activities.

3. Drive change in your market (Established Member).

Our most effective GBCs are our Established members – those which are delivering impactful and measurable sustainable building programmes on a national scale.

Becoming a successful GBC is not easy. But we are here to help at every step of the way.

If you would like to discuss how to set up a GBC, join as members of WorldGBC, or for further information on how to progress your GBC to the next level of membership, please contact Dominika Czerwinska, Director of Engagement and Networks, via

For more information about what it means to be a member of WorldGBC, read our blog.


Membership Applications

Please note that all membership applications go through several internal steps of review which can take between 2-4 months. What you can expect:

  1. Once submitted, your application will be reviewed by a senior member of the WorldGBC team
  2. A team member will reach out to you with feedback on your application which can include clarifying questions or requests for further information
  3. Any additional information provided will be reviewed by a senior member of the WorldGBC team
  4. If the application is deemed complete and ready, a Regional Chair will be consulted for any insights regarding your application (a full Regional Advisory Board or even members of our CEO Network may be asked for insights as deemed necessary)
  5. The senior management team will put a recommendation forward to the WorldGBC CEO for approval of the application
  6. Established status applications require the final approval of the WorldGBC Board

Member Benefits

WorldGBC’s aim is to enable each member Green Building Council to be as strong as possible, so they can advance the sustainable building movement, and make sure many more people embrace sustainable built environments as a solution to environmental, economic and societal issues.

Our work and the value we deliver to our members is shaped with this in mind.

Member Green Building Councils receive the following benefits: 

1. Strengthened brand & profile

Through WorldGBC’s various marketing and communications activities such as: World Green Building Week, WorldGBC news, thought leadership and press, social media, opportunities to speak at high profile events such as UN climate change conferences.

2. Global leadership status

Through activities such as hosting WorldGBC’s annual Congress, holding a seat on the WorldGBC Board, engaging with our Corporate Advisory Board, or by chairing meetings of our Regional Networks.

3. Involvement in WorldGBC’s global programmes 

Such as Advancing Net Zero, Circularity Accelerator, and Better Places for People.

4. Participation in WorldGBC’s Regional Networks

Including, but not limited to, participation in regional projects, regular Regional Network meetings, knowledge exchange with fellow Green Building Council staff and industry experts, and access to local or regional funding.

5. Access to tools and resources

To help strengthen Green Building Councils’ business plans and governance, and to equip them (and their members) with knowledge and information on green building, such as market data or toolkits.

Not all benefits are equally accessible across our three different membership levels (Prospective, Emerging and Established). For a more detailed list of the benefits and opportunities available to each Green Building Council, please contact Dominika Czerwinska, Director of Membership and Regional Networks, via

Annual Membership Dues

As with most member based organisations, WorldGBC charges an annual membership due to support WorldGBC’s capacity to deliver benefits and value to its members.

After much internal assessment and consultation with members, it was agreed that WorldGBC membership dues should be structured based on the size and capacity of a member GBC. The following table outlines the respective dues based on a GBC’s total annual revenue (income not profit, as GBCs are not-for-profit organisations). 

If you have any questions regarding membership dues please contact Dominika Czerwinska, Director of Membership and Regional Networks via 

Level |

 Annual Revenue (USD)

 | Membership Dues (USD)


Less than $50,000



$50,000 – $100,000



$100,000- $150,000



$150,000- $250,000



$250,000 – $500,000



$500,000 – $1 million



$1 million -$10 million


If you have any questions regarding membership dues please contact Dominika Czerwinska, Director of Membership and Regional Networks via

Members Area

If you are a member Green Building Council of WorldGBC, and you’re looking for specific documents or guides related to membership, or governance and operations, then this is the place to find them. From guidance on good governance and business planning, to example member surveys, the Members’ Area is a repository for key WorldGBC and best practice “GBC” documents.

We use the Basecamp project management tool to store and organise these documents, and have shared a login with staff from member Green Building Councils.

If you have not received this invitation, or if you have any other questions, please contact Please note, as we are a small team, there may be a delay in our response to your enquiry.