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Brandix becomes first Sri Lankan business to join Net Zero Carbon Buildings Commitment

Today, on World Environment Day, 5 June, the World Green Building Council (WorldGBC) is proud to announce that Brandix has joined the Net Zero Carbon Buildings Commitment (the Commitment).

In a series of firsts for the Commitment, Brandix is both the first Sri Lankan company and first apparel manufacturer to sign up. Firmly anchored to its roots in Sri Lanka, Brandix is one of the largest suppliers of apparel to the United States and Europe, for globally renowned fashion brands.

Brandix has committed all 16 factories under its direct control to be net zero carbon in operation by 2023. To achieve this ambitious goal, its decarbonisation strategy involves onsite renewable energy generation – with Brandix currently adding nearly 20MW of solar and biomass to its current energy mix – and energy optimisation strategies including the installation of technologically advanced and energy efficient air compressors, HVAC systems, sewing machines, lighting and building fabric.

Brandix has already demonstrated its capability in meeting this ambitious goal. Its Batticaloa factory achieved the highest LEED Platinum rating in Sri Lanka, which is also the second highest LEED Platinum rated manufacturing facility in the world.

An action plan, published today on WorldGBC’s Commitment signatories website, outlines further actions that Brandix will undertake to achieve net zero.

Ashroff Omar, Group Chief Executive Officer of Brandix said: “We achieved our first sustainability global milestone in 2008 by securing the world’s first LEED Platinum certification for our factory in Seeduwa, and we are pleased to demonstrate our continued leadership through signing the Commitment. Striving for excellence at every stage of our business, we will continue to work towards our goals in environmental sustainability on an inspired journey to lead the way and become a global benchmark.”

The announcement complements the leadership demonstrated by more than 50 signatories from businesses, cities, states and regions who have joined the Net Zero Carbon Buildings Commitment since the launch in September 2018.

Increasing energy efficiency is an essential component of achieving net zero carbon buildings, and it makes business sense. The Commitment forms part of The Climate Group’s global EP100 initiative, bringing together a growing group of energy-smart companies doing more with less, to improve their energy productivity. On signing up to the Commitment, Brandix becomes a member of EP100.

To find out more about the Net Zero Carbon Buildings Commitment, click here.