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BUILD UPON2 – A Tool to Deliver the Renovation Wave

New report: BUILD UPON2 – A Tool to Deliver the Renovation Wave

The BUILD UPON2 Framework is a tool that gives cities and local governments a strategy to monitor the impact of their renovation initiatives and the diverse benefits that they can bring. In doing so it is creating a more convincing business case for local renovation policy.

Through the project workshops with stakeholders, it is also addressing the issue of a fragmented value chain by bringing representatives together from national and subnational government stakeholders and the private sector.

BUILD UPON2 is assembling a community of cities who can all benefit from each other’s work on the Framework. The project is also drawing attention to renovation best-practice and helping cities establish where they have room for improvement in areas such as data management and staff capacity.

Ahead of the release of the final BUILD UPON2 Framework in 2021, this new report aims to give a flavour of:

  • What the Framework is.
  • How it is being used and developed by cities involved in the project.
  • How cities are benefitting from using the Framework.
  • The Framework’s potential going forward as we move beyond the scope of this initiative.

Download the report here.