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European Bank for Reconstruction and Development releases new publication on investing in green buildings

As part of World Green Building Week 2017, one of Europe’s biggest green building investors, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), has today released two new publications on its Green Economy Transition investments in buildings.

The bank’s Green Economy Transition (GET) initiative is supporting the growth of the green building market across the EBRD region, and has enabled over €15bn of investment in over 25 million m2 of green building projects to date. The bank is aiming to significantly ramp up this support by 2020 as part of its commitment to put investments that bring environmental benefits at the heart of its mandate.

Gianpiero Nacci, Head of Sustainable Resources Investments at EBRD, said:

EBRD’s GET approach offers a unique blend of finance, as well as policy and technical support, to help generate growth in the green building sector. We firmly believe that it is one of the key instruments that will help EBRD countries meet their Paris Agreement targets. These publications invite donor countries, investors and green building project developers to explore how we can work together to show that climate and economic targets go hand in hand.”

James Drinkwater, Director of the World Green Building Council’s Europe Regional Network, said:

“EBRD is one of the banks that is really demonstrating how to finance projects at scale in the global drive towards a net zero energy built environment. The 335 million tCO2e of savings their green building investments will deliver is a huge achievement, and shows the ambitions of Paris are possible.”

The new publications summarise financial and other available support for green building projects under the GET initiative, including information for sectors including healthcare, hotels, retail and logistics, offices, public buildings, residential buildings and urban regeneration.

“EBRD is one of the leading investors in energy efficiency in the world, and its Green Economy Transition toolkit for buildings is to be applauded,” said Peter Sweatman, Rapporteur of the Energy Efficiency Financial Institutions Group and CEO of Climate Strategy & Partners.

EBRD and the Polish Green Building Council will host a major green building symposium in Warsaw on 5 October for those wanting to learn more about green building investment in the CEE region. Organisations interested in working with the GET initiative in EBRD countries are encouraged to contact the EBRD team (details below).


  • GET has financed over 200 larger-scale projects for up-grade, refurbishment and green developments of over 60,000 building assets across the region.
  • GET has enabled €15billion of total green buildings investment with EBRD’s component being €2billion.
  • EBRD’s green building investments expect to deliver aggregate life-time (15-25 years) energy savings of 71,000 GWh with life-time savings of 335 million tCO2e.
  • The World Green Building Council’s Europe Regional Network and the EBRD signed a Memorandum of Understanding in 2016, in support of developing the sustainable building market in countries of common operation.
  • Local Green Building Councils across Europe are hosting member roundtables with EBRD during Q4 of 2017 to help connect projects with finance. Contact your local GBC for further details.

Download the Green Building Investment and Innovative Financing for Green Building publications.
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