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Four new Green Building Councils join Advancing Net Zero programme

An additional four Green Building Councils (GBCs) have officially joined WorldGBC’s Advancing Net Zero programme, taking the total number of participating councils to 14.

Green Building Councils in Croatia, Spain, the UAE and the UK have identified appropriate activities within their markets to promote the benefits and necessity for net zero carbon buildings – either through a certification scheme or not – whilst upholding the project’s key principles. These principles are aimed at performance-based metrics (with carbon being the ultimate metric to track); a focus on energy efficiency performance; renewable energy sources; and how programmes can evolve to include life-cycle carbon (as one example).

These activities will include corporate and government engagement to raise awareness in their markets, delivering training and education to inspire and increase the capacity for delivery, and identifying synergies between their existing campaigns and the project’s goal of 100% net zero carbon buildings by 2050.

Through joining, they will benefit from the shared experiences of the global project, and the support of a network taking transformative action.

Victoria Burrows, Project Manager for Advancing Net Zero, said:

“As we celebrate World Green Building Week 2017 with the theme of #OurHeroIsZero, we are pleased to welcome four more GBCs to the project, that are equally committed to driving the net zero carbon buildings agenda.”

Ten GBCs originally joined the project, and committed to create net zero certification schemes for their market by 2018, as well as identifying pilot projects and training local professionals. These are Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Netherlands, India, South Africa, Sweden and the United States.

Since the project was launched in June 2016, three of these GBCs have formally launched their certification standard or labelling systems (Brazil, Canada and France), with several more to follow within the next few months.

These achievements have been remarkable in the timeframe, and will serve as important tools to facilitate net zero carbon buildings within their markets.

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