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Get Up, Green Up – It’s World Green Building Week!

World Green Building Week is here! From September 22-27 2014, Green Building Councils in 100 countries representing more than 27,000 organisations will host events, run campaigns and celebrate World Green Building Week under the theme: ‘Get Up, Green Up’.

This World Green Building Week – the fifth annual celebration of sustainable construction – we’re urging people worldwide to take direct action for a greener environment. Your actions can make an immediate difference to our environment, if you Get Up, Green Up.

Why not pledge to cycle to work, or convert to a paper-free office? Changing to energy-efficient lightbulbs in your home or office can make a big difference, too. Other ideas include starting a vegetable garden, planting trees, or mobilising your friends to clean up a local park. Don’t forget to share your efforts through social media to encourage your networks to get out there and take action, too.

You won’t be alone if you Get Up, Green Up this week. From conferences, site tours and demonstrations, to award ceremonies, competitions and twitter chats, GBCs and their 27,000 member organisations will also be taking part in hundreds of events around the globe. Visit our calendar of events to see what’s happening in your area this week.

“The spaces where we live, work and play offer prime opportunities to mitigate climate change impacts, improve quality of life and bolster the economy. World Green Building Week highlights how green buildings have the power to transform lives, and how we can all make a difference through small actions that contribute to this transformation,” says the WorldGBC’s Chief Executive Officer, Jane Henley.

“The WorldGBC network has expanded from eight GBCs in 2002 to 100 today.  This growth emphasises the value of our industry and its potential to transform our environment, as we work together build a better, greener future,” Ms Henley concludes.

World Green Building Week is your chance to help us to build that greener future. 

Get Up, Green Up, and get involved!

Visit the World Green Building Week website: to learn more.