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Green Building Council South Africa launches net zero building certification

The Green Building Council South Africa (GBCSA) has officially launch of its net zero building certification, and announced the certification of the first four projects under its Net Zero Pilot Certification scheme.

GBCSA is one of 14 green building councils participating in the World Green Building Council’s Advancing Net Zero programme, which has set the goal for all buildings to be net zero carbon emissions by 2050.

GBCSA’s Net Zero Certification scheme rewards projects for completely neutralising (net zero) or positively redressing (net positive) their environmental impacts under four categories: carbon, water, waste and ecology. Net zero certification is awarded over and above any Green Star certification a project already has.

The first four projects to be certified as net zero under the pilot programme in South Africa are the Vodafone Site Solution Innovation Centre in Midrand, Gauteng (which is net zero rated in both carbon and ecology); Estuaries Plaza in Century City, Cape Town (which is net zero water); Greenfields Industrial Park (for the base building) in Cape Town (which is net zero carbon) and Two Dam (in operation) in Montagu in the Western Cape (which is also net zero carbon).

Dorah Modise, CEO of GBCSA, said:

By launching the net zero programme, the GBCSA has set a new frontier for property owners and tenants to be rewarded for going even further along their sustainability journey – now property owners and investors can be recognised for being net zero or net positive carbon, water, waste and ecology. We are thrilled to already have four projects that have achieved certification under this new programme in the pilot phase.”

Terri Wills, CEO of the World Green Building Council, said:

“We’re excited to see GBC South Africa officially launch its net zero Programme, which includes certification, training and advocacy for net zero carbon, water, waste and ecology in buildings.

“South Africa is one of the global leaders in green buildings, and this Net Zero Programme will certainly contribute to continuing this trajectory. We urge and challenge property owners and investors to reimagine how they design, build and operate their buildings by aiming to be net zero carbon, and working with the GBCSA to do so.”

South Africa kicked off its net zero training in July and the recently certified net zero building projects were showcased at the Green Building Convention taking place in Cape Town this week.

GBCSA is the fifth Green Building Council to launch a net zero building certification, and the second this week – following the Green Building Council of Australia’s launch with the Australian Government on Monday.

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