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New report guides London on path to achieve net zero carbon buildings

London has the ability to lead the world on net zero carbon buildings if it follows key recommendations set out in a new report by the London Energy Transformation Initiative (LETI), a coalition of expert organisations which includes Elementa Consulting (the UK arm of Integral Group) and the UK Green Building Council.

In Getting to Zero, published yesterday during World Green Building Week, LETI sets out four key proposals which will help all new buildings in London to operate at net zero carbon by 2030 and all existing buildings in the capital by 2050 – targets which are in line with those set out in WorldGBC’s Advancing Net Zero project.

The proposals – developed by industry over the last six months and facilitated by Elementa Consulting – focus on:

  • Revising the London Plan Energy Strategy Targets to introduce site energy use targets, fabric energy efficiency targets, onsite renewable energy generation and a peak demand reduction method statement.
  • Delivering low carbon heat via heat networks.
  • Updating London’s carbon offset policy to include total building energy use, regulated and unregulated energy, with the cost of carbon set to incentivise on-site emission reductions.
  • Disclosing energy use in buildings using a number of methods so that disclosure is incentivised and over time mandated.

Kevin Hydes, CEO of Elementa Consulting, said:

“This report gives clear directions, simple actions and lays out a roadmap to a net zero future for London. I for one am excited about how London will use these concise proposals and embed them into upcoming plans to maximise its potential. London has the opportunity to lead once again, we must do all we can to ensure it will succeed.”

LETI has presented the proposals to the Greater London Authority.

To download a copy of the full report, click here, or for further information on LETI, visit the website: www.LETI.London

Integral Group is a sponsor of the Advancing Net Zero project.