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ÖGNI Position Paper: Social Sustainability

Published by ÖGNI – Österreichische Gesellschaft für Nachhaltige Immobilienwirtschaft (Austrian Sustainable Building Council)

In cooperation with an expert working group, ÖGNI has defined standards for measuring the social sustainability of buildings and identifies three focal points: Holistic view of the neighborhood, operation of buildings and flexibility.

Three focal points for social sustainability have been defined

On the one hand, modern buildings have to offer a high degree of flexibility in order to adapt to future developments in technology or changed circumstances. It has to be possible to adapt the building flexibly without already requiring exact advance planning today. On the other hand, only an operated building is alive and thus socially sustainable. Small residential units in particular can only keep people mentally healthy if there is a supply of generous, supervised communal areas. However, common rooms only make sense if they are operated professionally. The third focus is on a holistic view of the neighborhood: mobility, energy production and supply, the combination of work and living or the fulfilment of infrastructural requirements are neither effective nor economical without the inclusion of several buildings in a neighborhood. The networking of buildings with each other requires a planned design of the public areas between the buildings and a net-forming barrier-free access to communal areas without neglecting the need for security.

Read the publication – ÖGNI Position Paper: Social Sustainability.