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Philips’ report advocates Better Places for People

Philips, a founding member of the WorldGBC’s Corporate Advisory Board, has announced ambitious new targets for international lighting standards that will inherently lead to greener and healthier offices. To coincide with World Green Building Week, the new targets aim for all new buildings to include energy efficient LED lighting by 2020, and for all existing buildings to have LED lighting by 2030.

On top of the new efficiency targets, Philips has released a new report about their holistic approach to sustainable work environments. Focused on environments that make Better Places for People, the company is broadening their vision to advocate for a “win-win-win” scenario in which buildings can perform better environmentally, for business, and for employees – which is absolutely aligned with the theme of World Green Building Week: Change Your Perspective.

The report, called Illuminated, integrated and intelligent: Reinventing the workplaceoutlines Philips’ strategies to balance the integration of energy-positive technologies with healthier workplaces. Innovations including app-based access to building information, biophilic design and responsive, flexible work spaces are some of the health-related smart designs that Philips aims to incorporate into buildings and ones we advocate for wholeheartedly here at Better Places for People.

The report is the first in a series of mini-white papers from the Living Buildings project which focuses on connectivity in buildings that achieves maximum comfort levels, workplace flexibility and smart design, all aimed to improve productivity of workers and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Increasingly, we see that Better Places for People are becoming the norm across different industries as people become more aware of the impact that their daily environment makes on their health.

Elspeth Holland is Research Assistant at the World Green Building Council. 

For more on how Philips engages on health and wellbeing in the workplace, check out their website.

To learn more about World Green Building Week, September 26-30, and to view events and download resources, see the website here and check out #WGBW16 on Twitter