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Private sector supporting a net zero built environment agenda in Asia Pacific

WorldGBC announces two new Asia Pacific Net Zero Collaborators, AEC Group (Allied Sustainability and Environmental Consultants Group Limited) and Pan-United Corporation Ltd, joining Ronald Lu & Partners and CLP Power Hong Kong.

These companies are collaborating closely with WorldGBC in the Asia Pacific Region, alongside our member Green Building Councils, to increase confidence and momentum towards a net zero built environment. They represent perspectives from diverse sections of the building and construction value chain, providing further insights, as well as resourcing the roll out of WorldGBC’s Advancing Net Zero programme in the Asia Pacific region.

The Asia Pacific region continues to urbanise at a fast pace and has 16 of the world’s 28 mega-cities (cities with 10 million or more inhabitants) and is home to 60 percent of the world’s population (4.3 billion people). Climate action is central to securing a sustainable and resilient built environment. In 2018 alone, almost half of the world’s 281 natural disaster events occurred in the region, with an increasing number of these events being linked to environmental degradation and climate change.

Cristina Gamboa, CEO of the World Green Building Council:

“As we work to ensure the building and construction industry take centre stage at COP26 through a monumental ‘Cities and Built Environment Day’, we are thrilled to welcome AEC Group and Pan-United Corporation Ltd as WorldGBC Asia Pacific Net Zero Collaborators.

“They bring a unique set of knowledge, experience and dedication to accelerating the movement towards a sustainable and decarbonised built environment. Their expertise and ambition in this region is critical to accelerating our collective work towards a net zero, equitable and resilient built environment for everyone, everywhere.”

Grace Kwok, Chairman and Executive Director of AEC Group:

“We are delighted to become one of the WorldGBC Asia Pacific Net Zero Collaborators and strengthen our commitment to driving the transition to a net-zero future.

“AEC Group has been ramping up efforts to advocate for a net-zero transition and build resilience to climate change. Earlier this year, we initiated collaboration with our strategic partners to formulate innovative technology and solutions for decarbonization in the Asia Pacific and Greater China regions. To achieve our goal of net zero carbon business operation by 2030, we are formulating our net zero roadmap to be announced later this year.

“Looking ahead, AEC Group will continue to work closely with WorldGBC and other partners to achieve our shared goal of net zero future and shape a sustainable built environment for all.”

May Ng, CEO of Pan-United Corporation: 

“Pan-United is cognisant of the role of building materials in decarbonising the built environment before a building is even completed. The energy used to produce building and construction materials, or embodied carbon, accounts for 11%* of global energy-related CO2 emissions. As a leading ready-mix concrete producer in Asia, we know we can contribute by advocating and promoting the use of low-carbon footprint concrete in Asia and the world over.

“Through concrete innovation, we have researched and developed in-house a wide range of sustainable concrete types and created supply chain optimisation platforms – integrated to reduce the use of natural resources and lower our carbon footprint. We look forward to working with like-minded partners towards a net-zero carbon built environment.”

* Source: World Green Building Council, Bringing Embodied Carbon Upfront (2019)


More about WorldGBC´s new Asia Pacific Net Zero Collaborators


About AEC Group

Allied Sustainability and Environmental Consultants Group Limited (“AEC Group”; Stock Code: 8320.HK) is the first listed company in Hong Kong to provide sustainability and environmental consulting services, offering one-stop, on-demand services in five business areas, including (a) Green and Healthy Building; (b) Acoustics, Audiovisual, Lighting and Theatre Planning; (c) Environmental Consultancy and Sustainable Design; (d) Green Finance, Sustainability Strategies and ESG; and (e) Smart and Green Internet of Things (IoT).

Over the years, AEC Group has been involved in green building projects with a total green certified gross floor area of over 8 million square meters and completed the earliest batch of green building projects in Hong Kong. The company is developing new services on the provision of advisory services on sustainable financing, investment management, capital raising and real estate in the Asia Pacific area.

For further information, please refer to the Group’s website at


About Pan-United Corporation

Pan-United Corporation Ltd (Pan-United) is a listed Asia-based technology company catalysing change in the ready-mix concrete and logistics space. Through concrete innovation, it has advanced to the global forefront of low-carbon footprint concrete technology. As a believer in sustainability for over two decades, Pan-United has developed inhouse more than 300 highly specialised concrete solutions for all urban built environment needs. Many of these solutions were created in collaboration with customers to address unique present and future specifications.

Pan-United’s circular economy model of product and process innovation, combined with waste reduction, provides a comprehensive approach to long-term sustainability of the ready-mix concrete industry. Its circular model is underlined by extensive digitalisation towards industry transformation. Pan-United takes pride in making concrete greener and stronger to decarbonise cities, working towards lowering the world’s carbon footprint and creating a safer world for future generations.

For more information, please visit
About the World Green Building Council

The World Green Building Council (WorldGBC) catalyses the uptake of sustainable buildings for everyone, everywhere.

Transforming the building and construction sector across three strategic areas—climate action, health & wellbeing, and resources & circularity—we are a global action network comprised of around 70 Green Building Councils around the world.

As members of the UN Global Compact, we work with businesses, organisations and governments to drive the ambitions of the Paris Agreement and UN Global Goals for Sustainable Development. Through a systems change approach, our network is leading the industry towards a net zero carbon, healthy, equitable and resilient built environment.

To learn more about our Net Zero program in the Asia Pacific region you can visit our website here, or contact our Asia Pacific Programmes Head (Net Zero) Joy Esther Gai,


Tessa Eydmann-Peel, PR and Communications Coordinator, World Green Building Council  +44 (0) 7932491571