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The new window to the world on green building

This week, the World Green Building Council took a giant step forward in its mission to advance green building for everyone, everywhere.

We launched our new website – a window to the world which demonstrates the importance of, the benefits of, and – in my opinion – the magic of green building and the power of the global movement behind it.

In 2015, our Board and the full Membership signed off a new strategy for WorldGBC. Expanding on the original mission and purpose of the WorldGBC – to be the “United Nations of the Green Building Councils” – it focuses on three key objectives:

The new site enables us to deliver on this new strategy in five key ways:

  1. Providing an entry point to green building: we must reach out and convert more people, businesses, leaders to the power of green building. “About Green Building” provides an introduction to ‘what is’ green building, and will direct visitors to dig deeper – including learning about all the rating tools administered by our GBCs.
  2. Showcasing the leaders of the movement: Established Green Building Council pages profile the highest impact GBCs, and feature key news and events – enabling the site to be a ‘clearing house’ for key green building news and major accomplishments across the globe
  3. Hot topics and thought leadership insights on green building: a blog written by green building experts, activists, business and civic leaders will draw in a wide audience, bringing them to the site to learn and engage with the movement
  4. Celebrating our regional diversity grounded in genuine local representation: the global mapof our member GBCs in over 70 countries showcases the true diversity of the movement, and demonstrates the strength and power we bring from our local representation within so many countries.
  5. Ground-breaking research publications on green building: as well as thought leadership reports and publications on green buildings, authored not only by us but other experts in the field, which highlight key trends, benefits, and the urgency of green building.

Designed with input from our Green Building Councils, our Board and Corporate Advisory Board, this new website truly represents the leaders of the global green building movement. It will show to the world that while we are diverse in our locations and approaches, we are united in our purpose, our drive, and our passion for the power of green building.

We invite you to look inside!

Terri Wills is CEO of the World Green Building Council