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The outcome we need for buildings at COP28 – a briefing from WorldGBC

23 November 2023

As global leaders prepare to meet for COP28 in Dubai next week, today the World Green Building Council (WorldGBC) and our network of Green Building Councils (GBCs) across the globe have launched a policy briefing communicating the sectors desired outcomes for the built environment at COP28.

COP28 – now – is a pivotal point in determining our future carbon trajectory and the type of planet we leave for future generations. We must ensure COP28 is the COP where we get the Global Stocktake on emissions right, increase ambition of Nationally Determined Contributions, and start building the transition to a sustainable future.

We represent a network of 75+ Green Building Councils and their 46,000 members who can help governments and businesses implement the transition to an energy efficient, regenerative and just future. 

WorldGBC’s COP delegation will arrive in Dubai with a message of confidence that our collective network has the knowledge, expertise and organisational structure to translate climate ambition to policy implementation.

Working all over the world, we are #BuildingTheTransition together and implementing sustainable building solutions for an energy efficient, regenerative and just future. But we need an enabling policy environment and industry ambition to scale these solutions.

From a building sector perspective, we believe successful outcomes for key topics of the COP28 negotiations would be:

The Global Stocktake – Parties commit to the Buildings Breakthrough as a platform for collaboration between national governments and stakeholders to accelerate action and optimise the role of buildings in closing the gaps identified in the Global Stocktake. 

Climate Mitigation – Parties commit to the integration of building codes, sub-national policy and commitment within their Nationally Determined Contributions, and pledge to double their energy efficiency improvements and triple global renewable energy capacity by 2030.

Climate Adaptation – Parties agree on a Global Goal for Adaptation and recognise the role of buildings in anticipating, adapting and responding to climate impacts and commit to making greater efforts to integrate resilience and adaptation into existing policies and programmes, including within the building sector.

Climate Finance – Parties agree to increased funding for energy efficiency improvements and Loss and Damage and support a global reform of global financial institutions for more just, equitable and effective debt lending and borrowing. 


Cristina Gamboa, CEO, WorldGBC:

“We are at a critical juncture in global efforts to tackle climate change. WorldGBC’s strength lies in our network’s ability to connect: ambition with action, global with local, policy with implementation. As global leaders and negotiators plan for an intense few weeks of negotiations at COP28, we urge them to take confidence in our ability to scale and implement the solutions the built environment offers”