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Three Finnish Companies Join The Net Zero Carbon Buildings Commitment

Following WorldGBC’s call for leadership to decarbonise the building and construction sector during World Green Building Week 2020, three new Finnish companies have risen to the challenge.

Trevian Funds AIFMAntilooppi and Granlund Group represent significant players within the Finnish real estate and built environment. Their commitments reflect continued leadership shown by Green Building Council Finland members and represent the change needed to achieve climate action goals. All three will become members of the EP100 initiative by The Climate Group.

As real estate owners, managers and tenants, these organisations have identified the role they can play through their own portfolio of buildings, and advocate for wider uptake of net zero buildings through the services they offer.

Antilooppi is a real estate management company who owns more than 600,000m²  total floor area of assets, focused on office properties in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area. Their aim is to contribute to the development of the real estate industry, creating inventive and flexible solutions based on customers’ needs and operations, ensuring the property and surrounding area are functional and sustainable. To achieve this, they have committed to only owning assets that are net zero carbon in operation by 2030. They have done this by implementing energy-efficiency measures, exploring the potential for in-site renewable energy production and purchasing off-site renewable energy certificates. These actions will be combined with advocating for wider industry transformation and communicating with stakeholders, clients and service providers to accelerate change and achieve goals.

Antilooppi Head of Sustainability & Property Management, Erika Salmenvaara:

“As carbon emissions are a familiar and important measure to our customers, the Net Zero Carbon Buildings Commitment supports our goal to build new sustainable solutions. Together, our opportunities for influence will grow and we will achieve significant results faster.”


Granlund Group is a leading design and built environment consultancy based in Finland with offices all over the globe. They focus on promoting wellbeing for people, properties and the environment. They have committed to be carbon neutral across their value chain (Scopes 1 & 2) by 2021, including owning and occupying only assets that are net zero carbon in operation. Their expertise include technical building services, design, property, energy and environmental consultation, software and renovation. They will utilise these skills to advocate for further industry change, promoting energy efficiency, and cost-efficient sustainable energy solutions in all their services. In addition, they will continue to contribute to public debate on energy transition through their blog, podcast, and membership of various organisations.

Granlund Group Quality & Sustainability Director, Maila Herva:

“Granlund group promotes smart energy use and environmental responsibility in society through properties. Energy efficiency, carbon footprint reduction and environmental responsibility are crucial aspects in all our design, renovation and consulting projects. In our day-to-day work, we help our customers curb climate change with smart energy solutions such as recovery of waste heat, producing renewable energy and optimising energy-efficient solutions. With this commitment, we want to show that we are doing our part to achieve a carbon-neutral society.”


Trevian Funds AIFM is a leading Finnish real estate investment fund whose mission is to create sustainable value for stakeholders. They view reducing energy consumption and emissions as an integral part of their operations and so are committed to only owning net zero carbon operational assets within their property portfolio by 2030. To meet these goals, they will continue to implement a decarbonisation plan across portfolio properties that includes energy-efficiency measures, on-site renewable energy production and purchasing certified green energy. They also plan to gradually compensate any remaining carbon footprint through peatland restoration and conservation projects (via Trevian Carbon Sink Real Estate I fund) or via other certified offset platforms. Trevian will continue to use their platform to advocate for net zero buildings and solutions towards a carbon neutral real estate portfolio through engaging stakeholders, tenants, service providers and local communities on ESG issues.

Trevian Funds AIFM CEO and Partner, Emilia Riikonen

“Considering the heavy carbon footprint of the real estate sector, we have a responsibility to decrease it. ESG is an integral part of our business and we have committed to carbon neutrality by 2030. In order to reach that target, it’s essential to carry out active measures – which we have started. Investments for energy efficiency measures are not only responsible but also profitable.”

You can find out more about these signatories by reading their Commitment profiles on our website here.

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