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Welcome to the network: Tunisia Green Building Council joins WorldGBC as Prospective members

The Tunisia Green Building Council (TunisiaGBC) is the latest addition to the World Green Building Council (WorldGBC) network. Beginning their journey as Prospective members, they bring green building practices to the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, which is home to over 350 million people, and its population growth has been characterised by rapid urbanisation.

TunisiaGBC was established in 2012 by a group of Tunisian architects, engineers, and environmentalists who recognised the need for a country-specific organisation and key-layer to promote sustainable architecture, building, and construction practices. It is the mission of TunisiaGBC to establish itself as the preeminent advocate for environmentally responsible construction in Tunisia. Education, advocacy, and collaboration are the three pillars that makeup TunisiaGBC’s objective, which aims to change the built environment on a national level.

World Green Building Council (WorldGBC) defines Prospective Green Building Council (GBC) membership as bringing together key representatives from different parts of the building sector within a country and creating a founding group, who will initially lead the design and implementation of the GBC’s governance and business plan.

Amira Ayoub, Middle East & North Africa (MENA) Programmes Head, WorldGBC, said:

“We are proud to welcome TunisiaGBC to the WorldGBC family and are greatly looking forward to the leadership, perspective and expertise which they will bring to our network and the diverse MENA region.

“The MENA region is set to be critical for the growth of green building globally over the next few years. We work with GBCs and partners across the region to face both the challenges and opportunities to enhance quality of life for people while addressing climate change. We are strengthened further by the addition of TunisiaGBC, which joins our mission to create green buildings for everyone, everywhere.”

Mounir Bahri, President, TunisiaGBC, said:

“The Tunisian government has set ambitious goals for lowering energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions; green buildings are essential to achieving these objectives.By creating healthy, comfortable indoor environments, green buildings would increase production efficiency and occupant health and wellbeing. The Tunisian green building council mission is to support such endeavour by developing a sustainable, efficient, affordable and equitable built environment in Tunisia.”

Ibtissem Bouattay, Vice President, TunisiaGBC, said:

“Tunisia’s green building vision is to create a built environment that is sustainable, efficient, and equitable. The Tunisian government has set ambitious targets for reducing energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, and green buildings are a key part of achieving these goals. Tunisia has already made significant progress in greening its building stock, and the country is committed to continuing this momentum. In addition to reducing environmental impacts, green buildings also offer economic benefits. By using less energy and water, green buildings can save money on utility bills. And by creating comfortable, healthy indoor spaces, green buildings can improve worker productivity and occupant health. Ultimately, Tunisia’s green building vision is about creating a better future for all.”

TunisiaGBC joins WorldGBC’s MENA Regional Network of 8 Green Building Councils.