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Welcome to the network: Iraq and Morocco Green Building Councils are the newest additions to our MENA region

20 December 2023

The World Green Building Council (WorldGBC) is proud to announce two new additions to our growing global network, which is now 80 Green Building Councils (GBCs) strong – Iraq Green Building Council (IRAQ GBC) and Morocco Green Building Council (MGBC).

Joining a community of 11 GBCs and five Regional Partners in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Regional Network, IRAQ GBC and MGBC are bringing leadership to the sustainable built environment movement across a region which is set to be critical in the global climate solution.

During this year’s UN Climate Change Conference COP28 in Dubai, the MENA region was spotlighted as a key influencer in the debate around climate resilience and adaptation. Currently home to over 350 million people, the region’s population growth has been characterised by rapid urbanisation. Yet countries in the MENA region are among the world’s most exposed states to the accelerating impacts of human-caused climate change, including heatwaves, droughts and natural disasters. Those living in countries that lack access to infrastructure, technology, and other resources will suffer the impact. 

COP28 provided a critical moment for the region to demand regulatory action across the built environment to address these challenges and safeguard a future which leaves no one behind. In recent years, key successes from the MENA Regional Network include developing the Sustainable Reconstruction Framework to support sustainable recovery across the region. The network is also spearheading the Zero Carbon agenda, bringing stakeholders together around the zero carbon agenda in the built environment for the first time, and regional partners are raising awareness and profiling solutions through a regional thought leadership series

Iraq Green Building Council

Iraq Green Building Council (IRAQ GBC) joins as an Affiliate Partner. IRAQ GBC was established in 2021 in Baghdad, Iraq by a team of professional engineers and experts in sustainability and green building design. 

IRAQ GBC aims to address critical environmental challenges faced by the country, such as climate change and water scarcity, by increasing awareness about reducing environmental impacts, promoting sustainable and green building practices, and contributing to the development of the green economy in Iraq.

Morocco Green Building Council

Morocco Green Building Council (MGBC) joins as a Prospective member. MGBC is a non-profit organisation established with the goal of being the main driving force for promoting green building practices in Morocco. MGBC aims to advance and strengthen knowledge and implementation of sustainable building practices within the country, aiming to create a built environment that has minimal environmental impact, improves citizens’ quality of life, and facilitates economic growth.

Through a focus on conserving energy, water, and material resources, MGBC aims to have a positive economic impact on users, enhance the quality of life for all individuals in Morocco and serve as an example of sustainable development. By mainstreaming green building practices, the council seeks to raise public awareness, inspire professionals to adopt sustainable approaches, and foster a culture of sustainability across multiple sectors.

Dominika Czerwinska, Director of Engagement and Networks, WorldGBC, said:

“We are proud to welcome IRAQ GBC and MGBC to the WorldGBC family. This year, the MENA Regional Network continued to grow in strength and numbers, making their voice heard at COP28 on a global scale. This diverse region brings so many opportunities to the table; yet it also highlights some of the worst impacts of climate change on our growing population. The voice of MENA was essential at COP28 and needs to be heard now more than ever. 

IRAQ GBC and MGBC will strengthen our regional collaboration on resilient reconstruction and recovery in times of crises in the MENA region, and support us in finding ways to build back better.”

Suhair Adnan, Co-founder of Iraq Green Building Council, said:

“We are glad to be part of WorldGBC and have the opportunity of engagement, being part of the global action network and have a chance to participate in achieving WorldGBC’s mission for sustainable built environments for everyone, everywhere.”

Nawale Saoud, President, Morocco Green Building Council, said:

“We are delighted to join World Green Building Council, as it provides us with a unique platform to actively contribute to the global dialogue and knowledge exchange, to drive collective action on sustainable built environments.

“By becoming a part of this influential network, we are expanding our opportunities for collaboration, best practices exchange, expertise and innovation sharing, to encourage the adoption of cutting-edge practices that push the boundaries of sustainability in the building industry.

“We are committed to working together with WorldGBC and its members to drive positive change and create a resilient and sustainable future for buildings and communities worldwide.”

Our work across MENA

Find out more about the MENA Regional Network of 11 GBCs here and how we’re working to help communities build back better across MENA with the ‘Sustainable Reconstruction and Recovery Framework’. You can also follow the campaign on how our network united behind #BuildingTheTransition, as well as the latest news from the region at #MENA.