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Welcome to the network: Green Building Council Nigeria joins WorldGBC as Prospective member

Green Building Council Nigeria (GBCN) is the latest addition to our global network, beginning their journey as a Prospective member of our global Green Building Council network.

The African continent is home to more than 1.3 billion people, offering significant natural resources and human activity that has the potential to yield inclusive growth. Nigeria is the most populous country in Africa with an economy worth over US$200 billion – GBCN brings a wealth of expertise and knowledge relevant to Africa’s climate needs.

The vision of GBCN is to lead the transformation of Nigeria’s built environment to create buildings and communities that are environmentally, socially and economically sustainable through engagement and partnerships with all green building stakeholders. GBCN aims to influence and lead transformational change and promote greater uptake of green building. GBCN also supports Nigeria to address local and global environmental challenges through an increase in the country’s stock of energy and resource efficient buildings.

World Green Building Council (WorldGBC) defines Prospective Green Building Council (GBC) membership as bringing together key representatives from different parts of the building sector within a country and creating a founding group, who will initially lead the design and implementation of the GBC’s governance and business plan.


Vere Shaba, Africa Programmes Head, WorldGBC, focuses on strengthening the Green Building Councils across the region. She said:

“We are proud to welcome Green Building Council Nigeria to the WorldGBC family and are greatly looking forward to the leadership, perspective and expertise which they will bring to our network and the diverse African region.

“The Africa Regional Network is a dynamic community, serving an incredibly diverse geography and population. We are strengthened further by the addition of GBCN, which joins our mission to create green buildings for everyone, everywhere.”


Danjuma Waniko, President of the GBCN:

“We are extremely excited to be recognised as a Prospective Member of the WorldGBC. Membership of the WorldGBC grants Africa’s most populous country an avenue to collaborate and offer creative guidance on the peculiar needs of our environment, which boasts over US$200 billion net worth in ongoing and upcoming projects in the real estate and construction sector.

COP27 is being hosted in Africa this year and the spotlight on efforts to address the climate crisis has turned to our continent. GBCN’s WorldGBC membership is therefore timely. It allows us to add our voice to that of other national GBCs in the Africa Regional Network to present Africa-specific solutions to its unique climate challenges within the context of our rapidly growing cities.”


GBCN joins WorldGBC’s Africa Regional Network of 10 Green Building Councils.