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Welcome to the network: Vietnam Green Building Council rejoins WorldGBC

Our global network is proud to welcome back Vietnam Green Building Council (VGBC), which has rejoined the World Green Building Council (WorldGBC) as a Prospective member.

VGBC was established in 2007 by WorldGBC Founding Members, and is recognised as the first non-profit organisation to promote green and sustainable buildings and construction in Vietnam. Derived from a programme of Green Cities Fund, Inc. (an international non-profit organisation based in California, USA) the Green Building Council (GBC) has grown significantly and now supports a wide professional network throughout the country. In addition to this, VGBC was officially recognised by the Ministry of Construction of Vietnam in March 2009.

VGBC is working towards its vision – “to be Vietnam’s focal point promoting Sustainable Construction, leading to a healthy, resilient, and climate safe built environment” – by implementing its strategic plan and missions.

Dominika Czerwinska, Director of Engagement and Networks, World Green Building Council said:

“I am thrilled to welcome VGBC to the network. Their addition to the movement can only make us stronger, as they share their expertise and best practices in the Asia Pacific region. Likewise, we are proud to support VGBC through our network and we are greatly looking forward to working with them and their members as we continue our journey to creating a sustainable built environment around the world.”

Phan Thu Hang, Chair, VGBC, said:

“We feel proud to be part of the global network of WGBC. Climate change is happening now; I truly believe that in order to face the global challenges, we need collaboration on a global scale. We commit to working alongside WorldGBC  towards our common goals.

Business as usual is no longer an option. We want the new buildings to have low operational and embodied carbon, using renewable energy as well as recycling resources which are designed to be reused; buildings that are healthy, and resilient for users and communities. We encourage green building practices through promoting LOTUS as the accreditation system of choice in Vietnam.” 

Tom Miller, co-founder of VGBC, said:

“When visionary architect Le Cuong and I met in 2006, we recognised the impact which climate change would have on Vietnam and we decided to do something about it by creating an organisation which would help Vietnam to face the climate crisis. Led by its founding Director Dr. Jalel Sager, the Vietnam Green Building Council (VGBC) developed unique and effective methods for green building based upon Vietnam’s particular needs and environment.  

It is my hope that VGBC will continue to flourish and offer effective guidance as Vietnam continues its struggle to meet the challenges of providing a healthy and safe environment for its citizens. VGBC is indebted to the World Green Building Council for its support and looks forward to a long and fruitful partnership. Special recognition is due to the many individuals on the Board of Directors, consultants and dedicated employees and volunteers who have carried the weight of the organisation over the years.”

VGBC has become a focal point in Vietnam in promoting and practicing green buildings and sustainability since its establishment in 2007. The organisation constantly collaborates with the Vietnam Ministry of Construction and Institutes, Universities and International Businesses to develop LOTUS rating tools for new development requirements i.e. buildings, industrial parks and communities.

The GBC continues to evolve as a socially responsible organisation and align its mission with WorldGBC’s global strategy, to accelerate the uptake of a sustainable built environment for everyone, everywhere.