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Welcome to World Green Building Week 2019!

The 10th annual World Green Building Week 2019 is here at last! Across the world, the World Green Building Council’s (WorldGBC) network of Green Building Councils (GBCs) and partners are uniting to take part in the biggest week in the annual green building calendar.

This year’s campaign #BuildingLife aims to raise greater awareness of the carbon emissions from all stages of a building’s lifecycle, and therefore encourage new practices and new ways of thinking to work towards reducing carbon emissions from buildings and construction. Find out more.


What’s happening this week?

Over 200 actions have been added to our Global Activity Map with over 100 official events scheduled to take place on all seven days of the week and across all five continents. To find an activity or event near you, see the Global Activity Map here. Is your event or activity showing on the map? If not, add it here.


How can you get involved?

Make a Building Life pledge

Make a Building Life pledge and tell us how you’ll contribute to building a better future. Share it with our custom graphic on social media with the hashtags #BuildingLife and #WGBW2019
For some inspiration, see the WorldGBC Europe team’s Building Life pledges below!

Alternatively, you can record a short video to tell us your #BuildingLife pledge. In this videoSkanska CEO Anders Danielsson explains how the company is taking action to build a better future.

AkzoNobel‘s Sustainability Director Rinske Van Heiningen explains why green buildings are so important for the company in this video.

Here Signify‘s Director, B2G Professional Lighting Barbara Kreissler reminds us we need to retrofit more buildings faster to tackle climate change; the good news is the technology already exists to upscale retrofitting.

Read our new report on embodied carbon

Today we published our groundbreaking new call to action report on embodied carbon, Bringing Embodied Carbon Upfront. The report sets out a pathway to eliminate embodied carbon from building and construction, in line with WorldGBC’s Advancing Net Zero global project. To download the report, click here.


Watch our video below outlining our vision and key calls to action for the building and construction to reach net zero emissions by 2050.


Meet our campaign ambassadors

We are delighted to have the support of a number of influential sustainability leaders for World Green Building Week 2019. Today Jason Hartke, President of Alliance to Save Energy pledges his support for the Building Life campaign. See the list of our Global and Regional Campaign Ambassadors here.

Have your say

How can you, your GBC or company participate in World Green Building Week? Join the conversation online using our Trello social media pack here.

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