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WorldGBC 2013-2014 Impact Report

We have just released our WorldGBC Impact Report 2013-2014. With 100 Green Building Councils worldwide, over 27,000 member companies and organisations, and more than 1.2 billion square metres of green building area registered, the 720 staff and 32,000 volunteers powering this global movement are making a real difference.

What are some of the impacts the global green building movement has achieved this year?

Facilitating Global Leadership

This year we have again taken the lead on green building issues that make the most sense and offer the most value to deliver globally, and taken an active part in others’ international initiatives. These outcome-focused collaborations are helping meet emerging market demands.

Facilitating Regional Leadership

Our Regional Networks are at different stages of development, with some still consolidating and others now highly effective collaboration platforms.

Building Capacity

One of our key roles is to expand our movement’s knowledge base to increase impact. We offer a range of resources and reports for use by GBCs, the building and construction industry, governments and the general public. We also strategically supply crucial staffing expertise.

Enabling Connections

Maximising face time between our members is of paramount importance in successfully delivering on our objective of driving global collaboration, and our in-person events have been well-attended these past twelve months.

Download our WorldGBC Impact Report 2013-2014 to read more about how we’re making a difference.