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WorldGBC announces film series to be produced by BBC StoryWorks

The World Green Building Council is delighted to announce that BBC StoryWorks will be producing a landmark film series on sustainable buildings and construction, launching later this year.

The series will recognise the profound impact buildings can have on both the quality of people’s lives and our natural environment, particularly in the mitigation of and adaption to climate change. BBC StoryWorks, the creative arm of BBC Global News, will engage global audiences with the series, driving traffic to the content from the 116 million unique monthly visitors to and by developing a wider promoted digital and social campaign targeting key groups.

The aim of this series is to explore ways in which buildings can be designed, constructed and operated differently to improve people’s health and that of our planet. The series will comprise a number of online mini-documentaries emphasising the vital role the built environment must play in alleviating climate change and achieving sustainable development, while showcasing leadership, best practice and innovations taking place across the globe. The pieces will focus on telling ‘human stories’, highlighting the benefits to both people and planet of the recommended interventions. We hope the communication of these inspiring stories will mobilise people across the world to target the transformation of their homes and buildings as part of a more sustainable built environment.

The WorldGBC global network will collaborate closely with BBC StoryWorks on content creation and the campaign, and is delighted to be able to invite members of the global network to share their stories and innovations.

For more information on how to get involved please contact, and look out for updates on our social media channels.