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WorldGBC Annual Report 2015/2016

The World Green Building Council’s Annual Report for 2015/2016 outlines the major achievements of the organisation and its global network of Green Building Councils.

The report details the great progress we have made as a movement, including on our global projects such as Advancing Net Zero and Better Places for People, through our major campaigns like Better Build Green and World Green Building Week, within our membership and Regional Networks, as well as to our operations and governance. It also includes our financials for the year 2015.

It is the first WorldGBC Annual Report to be released since Terri Wills joined as CEO in June 2015 and a new organisational strategy and structure was introduced.

As Terri notes in her foreword, the work of our green building movement has been “transformative”, and that Green Building Councils have “accomplished so much in a short space of time.”

“The accomplishments in this Annual Report show our great potential”, she writes. “But we must increase our impact, and we must convert more of the world to green building. So we invite you to join our journey, as we commit to green buildings for everyone, everywhere.”

Key statistics from the report include:

  • Green Building Councils certifying over 1.04 billion m2 of green building space around the world – an area 10 times the size of Paris
  • Green Building Councils now having 32,000 member companies
  • 71% of Green Building Councils saying Better Places for People has helped to advance green building in their market – with GBCs rating this campaign the most impactful WorldGBC activity in 2016
  • World Green Building Week 2016 reaching over 1 million people via social media

Download the report here.