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WorldGBC marks 20 years of championing the sustainable built environment

The World Green Building Council’s global network celebrates its 20 year anniversary. 

Launched in 2002 as a network of five Green Building Councils (GBCs) with one ambitious mission, today the network now stands at over 70 Green Building Councils. Its leaders are situated throughout the world, and GBCs now collectively represent over 36,000 members spanning businesses, governments and civil society organisations.

From WorldGBC’s instrumental role in elevating the built environment as a critical climate solution at COP26, to putting whole life carbon, health, equity and circularity at the top of the global sustainability agenda, the network is accelerating sustainable built environments for everyone, everywhere. 

Cristina Gamboa, CEO, WorldGBC:

“2022 marks 20 years of WorldGBC. 

“Launched in 2002 as a network of five Green Building Councils (GBCs) with one mission, the network today stands at over 70 GBCs and its leaders from every corner of the world.  

“But it takes a village. 

“I am proud to stand on the shoulders of the green building giants — our GBCs, the members of GBCs, our past and present board members, our partners and staff. It is a collective effort, and it’s our collaboration that has driven our success. It is my privilege to serve this movement in such a critical time. 

“Although this is a time to celebrate, it’s also time for a reality check.

“The reality is it’s 2022, and 2030 is a line in the sand. 

“To keep 1.5 degrees within reach, we must halve our built environment’s emissions by 2030 and galvanise solutions to completely decarbonise by 2050. 

“As we celebrate 20 years and look ahead to the next 20, we’re announcing three key initiatives to ensure our network advances our 2030 goals: 

“1) This 27-30 June, we’re hosting our first Leadership Summit in London. Bringing together leaders from across the network, we’re focusing on 2025 and continuing to progress our strategy Sustainable Buildings for Everyone, Everywhere.

Register and meet your fellow sustainability leaders.

“2) We’re #BuildingToCOP27. Working with the UN High-Level Climate Champions, the Egyptian and UK governments, GBCs in the region and influential partners, we are doubling down at #COP27 to elevate the potential of the built environment for deep community resilience and advancing net zero.

Watch the highlights from #BuildingToCOP26.

“3) From the MENA Sustainable Reconstruction Guidelines, Beyond Buildings and Beyond the Business Case Report to #BuildingLife, we’re investing in projects that drive a holistic approach to sustainability in the built environment. 

“We have eight years to 2030, and we need everyone on board. 

“I’m humbled to be on this journey and invite you to join us as we accelerate sustainable built environments for everyone, everywhere.”