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Grounded in the UN’s Global Goals for Sustainable Development, WorldGBC’s Health & Wellbeing Framework drives healthy and equitable buildings in harmony with nature to create better places for people.

Developed through a multi-year global consultation, WorldGBC’s Health & Wellbeing Framework is a comprehensive education and advocacy tool. The principles of the Framework champion a healthy and equitable built environment to a global audience, considering a holistic approach to health at all stages of the supply chain.

Convening expertise from across the value chain, the Framework is published as an executive report and live digital tool. An innovation of this work is a cross-sectoral analysis across the entire building and construction lifestyle — redefining the scope of health for all people and their buildings, cities and communities.

With the COVID-19 pandemic bringing the link between the built environment and human health into focus, the Framework’s six principles span indoor air quality, human rights in the supply chain, climate change resilience and more.

The WorldGBC's Health & Wellbeing Framework: Six Principles for a Healthy, Sustainable Built Environment



Please click into the relevant Framework Principle below to find detailed research summaries, outcomes, benchmarks, strategies and resource lists:

Protect and Improve Health, exploring: air quality, water quality, mental health and infectious disease.

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Prioritise comfort for building occupiers, exploring: thermal comfort, lighting, acoustics, visual, ergonomic and inclusive design.

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Design for harmony between the natural and built environments, exploring: Biophilic Design, Access to Nature, Biodiversity and Nature-Based Solutions.

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Facilitate positive behaviour and health, exploring: Active Design, Nutrition, Hydration, Social Connectivity.

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Create positive social value with buildings and communities, exploring: Human Rights, Construction Worker Health, Community Health and Social Value.

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Take climate action, exploring: Climate Change Mitigation, Adaptation and Resilience, Water Efficiency, Resource Efficiency and Material Health.

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WorldGBC Health & Wellbeing Framework Executive Report

Health and Wellbeing Framework Implementation Guide

Download our full suite of materials to support you in implementing the Framework within your practises and watch an introduction to the principles of the Framework:

An introduction to the principles of the Health and Wellbeing Framework:

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