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Become an Ambassador for #BuildingLife

#BuildingLife is pioneering political and public awareness around tackling whole life carbon across the built environment and how this can address climate change. 

From Green Building Councils (GBCs), construction industry leaders, political figures, NGOs and architects, we welcome leaders from across the sectors to add their voice to our call to action in making Europe the world’s first fully decarbonised continent.

Follow the campaign at #BuildingLife and check out our media kit for assets and wording you can use to support the campaign. 

You can join our campaign as an Ambassador.

Our Ambassadors are political, industry and civil society leaders from across Europe, who support #BuildingLife by taking action to address the whole life cycle impact of the built environment across their sectors. By joining, you will:

  • Join a network of international Ambassadors
  • Contribute to a thought leadership platform with other global influencers
  • Be our voice with leading media titles
  • Start a conversation on building a better future with your networks
  • Act as the exclusive focal point for our campaign in your nation or region
  • Be invited to speak at events throughout the duration of the #BuildingLife campaign.

To find out more, please contact us at