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Building/Project Details

Building/Project Name218 Electric Road Construction / refurbishment date01/12/2019 Building/Project Size18,302 sqm
Building/Project Typecommercial Address 200-218 Electric Road, North Point Hong Kong Hong Kong Hong Kong SAR, China Region asia pacific

Performance Details

Health and Wellbeing

Existing buildings or developments that demonstrate outstanding performance in improving the health, equity and/or resilience of people in local communities.

Achieved Certification Scheme: WELL Building Standard
Verification Year: 2018

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The design team of the ERD building have incorporated a number of innovative features and techniques to devise a building which could effectively address the health and wellbeing concerns of its occupants. Below is a sample of these methods.

Daylight and Solar Analysis was performed during the conceptual design stage to comprehend the impact of sunlight onto the building facade. Interestingly, there is permanent shading on the westward facade due to the existing AIA tower. The shading features of the facade was aligned to provide more extensive shading on the eastward facade where the direct solar illuminance is stronger than the westward facade. Parametric study on the facade design was performed based on the solar impact to optimize the daylight penetration and alleviate the impact due to extra solar irradiation.

AVA (Air Ventilation Assessment) was performed prior to the conceptual design stage to formulate an understanding of the natural wind impacts on the site and its surrounding areas. This was performed in order to inform the design of natural ventilation systems in the building. Simulation showed that the main wind direction is Northeastern, along the Electric Road, and the air intakes and exhausts were designed accordingly.

CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) was performed to simulate the interior natural ventilation scenario in order to strategically place the wind catchers and to maximize the air replacement rate of the interior spaces.

ERD has a relatively narrow building footprint which acts as a benefit since daylight can penetrate further into the interior space. Highly efficient curtain wall glass, light-shelves and external sun-shading devices are designed to block the unwanted direct sunlight, both allowing and reflecting maximum daylight into the office interior space. This provides a bright and healthy environment for office occupants.

Conventional dehumidification involves overcooling the supply air and reheating it back to the desired conditions, which is a wasteful and inefficient way to dehumidify outdoor air (a major concern in Hong Kong). Desiccant Cooling by means of Liquid Desiccant has provided an excellent opportunity to alter the conventional mind-set of dehumidification and comfort. Using desiccant cooling system, especially liquid desiccant, less energy is required to cool and dehumidify outdoor air. Meanwhile, it has an added benefit of mold prevention, high antibacterial performance and dust removal. This is a major step forward to bring comfort and health into an office environment.

ERD Communal Gardens on 2/F will be opened to the public during building operational hours. These will provide recreational and resting spaces for tenants, visitors and pedestrians alike. The public will be able to access these via a lift from street level to 2/F.The gardens will feature seating and different types of outdoor fitness facilities. These communal gardesn aim to create a healthy and refreshing island of space in contrast against the crowded surroundings of the site.

The Integrated Building Management system aims to empower individuals to make more environmentally conscious decisions by keeping users well-informed about local weather and indoor conditions. The user-friendly interface also offers a useful platform to educate people about sustainable working habits, hence facilitating environmentally friendly living practices that will be carried forward to other aspects of their lives, changing mentalities in the long term.

Submitter's Details

OrganisationHenderson Land Development Ltd. Member of GBCHKGBC

“The Integrated Building Management system aims to empower individuals to make more environmentally conscious decisions by keeping users well-informed about local weather and indoor conditions.”