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Building/Project NameBergen Inclusion Centre Construction / refurbishment date01/12/2023
Building/Project Typecommercial Address Bergen, Norway Region europe

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Health and Wellbeing

Existing buildings or developments that demonstrate outstanding performance in improving the health, equity and/or resilience of people in local communities.

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A ‘Building Dignity’ pilot project, influenced by the Dignity by Design approach and committed to being a “human rights city”. The project aims to mitigate risks to human rights and maximise positive social outcomes – such as health benefits, greater social inclusion and job creation.
Bergen Inclusion Centre is the first Building Dignity Pilot Project in Bergen, Norway. The city has become a haven for an increasing number of refugees and migrants, and involves transforming a former school building into a centre that offers language schools and various services. Additionally, it provides facilities accessible to the local community. The project team for this pilot project, led by the Bergen City Architects, is diligently applying the Dignity in the Built Environment Framework throughout the building project lifecycle. Design and Architecture Norway (DOGA) has featured in the Bergen inclusion centre as a best-practice example in its “National Roadmap for Smart and Sustainable Cities and Communities”.
Embedding the framework from the outset has informed the following decisions:
  • Co-locating the various services which may be needed by newly arrived refugees, providing a one-stop shop that is easily accessible.
  • Designing the canteen, restrooms, public and prayer spaces taking into account the cultural background and lived experience of different users.
  • Creating an activity square that invites people from the surrounding area.
  • The choice of materials: maximising reuse and minimising the length of supply chains to ensure transparency and accountability – simultaneously reducing the carbon footprint.
The ‘Building Dignity’ pilot project will Crete a dynamic community of practice – sharing practical lessons on challenges and opportunities, demonstrating the benefits of a human rights approach, and informing stronger policy making to scale outcomes.
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OrganisationInstitute for Human Rights and Business (IHRB)