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Building/Project Details

Building/Project NameBurwood Brickworks Shopping Centre Construction / refurbishment date01/09/2021 Building/Project Size13,000 sqm
Building/Project Typeretail Address Kulin Nation, 70 Middleborough Road, Burwood East Victoria 3151 Australia Region asia pacific

Performance Details

Resources and Circularity

Buildings or developments that illustrate the principles of the circular economy in an exceptional way.

Achieved Certification Level: Green Star, Living Building Challenge

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Developed by the Frasers Property Australia the Burwood Brickworks Shopping Centre project team conducted ‘healthy’ materials research to create a freely available resource known as the Greensheet for the Australian market.  

The Greensheet provides a comprehensive list of building materials used in the building’s construction. This living document lists some 1,400+ building materials which go significantly beyond being ’sustainable’ – they have been thoroughly vetted based criteria contributing to the regenerative buildings’ movement. Each product has been examined based on factors such as its place of origin, materials used in its manufacture, whether it is responsibly sourced, its embodied carbon, its waste impacts, and its impacts on air quality when used internally. Throughout the design, construction, operation phases of the project the waste hierarchy has been adopted and through this process, 99% of construction waste was diverted from landfill.

In 2021 the Burwood Brickworks formally achieved the Living Building Challenge Petal Certification. The certification required the development to have a net positive impact, operating in a clean and efficient manner. This sustainable retail design and construction was a first in Australia, and in fact currently no other retail centre development globally has accomplished this rating. 

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