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Building/Project Details

Building/Project NameEntrepatios Las Carolinas Construction / refurbishment date15/06/2020 Building/Project Size3313 sqm
Building/Project Typeresidential multi unit Address c/ González Feito 19 Madrid 28041 Spain Region europe

Performance Details

Net Zero Operational Carbon

Buildings or developments that are verified and certified as “net zero operational energy and/or carbon.” The building should demonstrate the highest levels of energy efficiency with the use of either renewables generated onsite or renewable energy procured offsite.

Achieved Certification Scheme: Passivhaus Platinum
Achieved Certification Level: The building was designed with Passivhaus criteria supported by a PHPP(Passive House Planning Package) calculation Other Achieved Certification Scheme and Level: Certificate of Energy Efficiency of the Finished Building: A Energy Use Intensity (EUI) (kWh/m2/yr): 1.65 Onsite Renewable Production Intensity (RPI) (kWh/m2/yr): 14.69 kWh/m2/yr from a 33.3 kW solar photovoltaic installation in the building roof Verification Year: 2021

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Related to the use phase, the building was designed with Passivhaus criteria and it has a very high energy efficiency level.

Related to the rest of the construction phases, a complete LCA was developed with the tool ECÓMETRO ACV (UNE-EN 15804 and UNE-EN 15978 based tool). In this point, the decision of a building structure with CLT (cross laminated timber) with FSC certification, helped in the reduction of embodied carbon.

LCA results:
Global Warming: 1.30e+6 kg CO2 eq (Carbon Footprint)
Ozone layer depletion: 4.94e+2 kg CFC-11 eq
Photochemical Oxidants: 6.56e+2 kg C2H4 eq
Acidification: 9.24e+3 kg SO2 eq
Eutrophication: 1.86e+3 kg PO4-3 eq
Abiotic resources depletion: 1.25e+2 kg Sb eq
Total primary energy consumption: 1.57e+7 MJ eq
Besides, the building is 100% electrified (no combustion), uses only 100% renewable electricity, and the carbon footprint was compensated with ClimateTrade.

The building does not emit CO2 at all, archive net zero carbon, and has the CO2 NULO certification.

Submitter's Details

OrganisationsAtt Triple Balance Member of GBCGreen Building Council España

“The building does not emit CO2 at all, archive net zero carbon, and has the CO2 NULO certification.”