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Building/Project Details

Building/Project Typeresidential multi unit Address Gibbons Street, Redfern, Australia  Region asia pacific

Performance Details

Health and Wellbeing

Existing buildings or developments that demonstrate outstanding performance in improving the health, equity and/or resilience of people in local communities.

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The development is a modern and secure 18-storey building, comprising 162 residential units of which 40 are social housing and 122 are affordable housing units. In addition, 40% of the units are allocated to First Nations households, recognising the cultural significance of the indigenous Australian people. The developer employed an Aboriginal Affordable Housing Engagement Coordinator (AAHEC) to promote affordable housing for Indigenous Australians. 

Habitability and Comfort 

  • Designed to a Liveable Housing Silver Standard, championing safer, more comfortable and easier to access homes for changing needs and abilities of people over lifetime. 
  • Fresh air ventilation system and addresses outside city noise. 
  • Partnership with Civic Disability on My Home to coordinate and provide drop-in support to help disabled occupants meet their housing and wellbeing goals – supporting five National Disability Insurance Scheme participants. 

Community and Connectivity 

  • Access to quality services and facilities including post offices, supermarkets, retail centres, employment, education hubs and medical centres. 
  • Community Hub available to external community organisations, promoting inclusion and delivering benefits for the wider community. 
  • Safe recreational grounds, including children’s playground, barbecue areas, rooftop terrace, tree canopy and a community room with a kitchen. 
  • Culture incorporated into illuminated artwork titled “The Way Home”, symbolising ‘connection and country’ for the community and reflecting history and traditions. 

Resilience and Adaptation to Climate Change 

  • Double glazing and low-e glass, LED lights, ceiling fans, high performance floor and wall insulation and trickle vents to allow airflow control. 
  • Rainwater collection tanks and rooftop garden spaces with drought-tolerant planting. 
  • Building’s exterior is unpainted or Nawkaw coloured concrete adhesive. 
  • 40-year forward Whole of Life (WOL) assessment, influencing material selections to ensure longevity and maintenance considerations, aligning with expense management with anticipated life expectancy, operational costs, maintenance costs and replacements. 

Resource Efficiency and Circularity 

  • Recycling and correct disposal on-site. 
  • High energy efficiency standard, including LED lighting, rooftop solar panels and battery storage. 
  • 48% saving on heating and cooling energy demand when compared with other buildings in the area with an average 8-star rating under the Australian Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme (NatHERS). 

Economic Accessibility 

  • Originally financed through the Clean Energy Finance Corporation and refinanced to National Housing Finance and Investment Corporation (NHFIC). 
  • SGCH also secured a grant of $104,000 USD from the City of Sydney to fund a AAHEC role to achieve a minimum allocation target of 25% for indigenous Australians for new developments within the city. 
  • Negotiated a discount to market land sale with the City of Sydney, with an additional fee dependent upon the final yield. The site was purchased for $10 million USD – a slightly smaller neighbouring site sold privately for $36 million USD in the same year. 
  • Residents for the 40 social housing tenancies were drawn from the NSW Department Communities and Justice Housing Register, with rents based on percentage of household income. 
  • The remaining 122 affordable housing units were marketed to low-to-moderate income working individuals and families who are eligible for affordable housing under NSW Affordable Housing Guidelines. 
  • Average rental rates for the affordable housing units are: $260 USD for one bedroom, $310 USD for two-bedroom, $370 USD for three-bedroom. 
  • Occupants are offered tailored financial and individual support to identify and achieve housing and wellbeing goals. 
  • Savings on electricity costs of $340 USD a year for a two-bedroom unit and $240 USD a year for a 
  • one-bedroom unit as a result of the thermal efficiency. 


Urban Taskforce 2021 – Development Excellence Awards, Affordable Development. 

Best Accommodation Provider 2021 in the Australian Disability Service Awards. 

UDIA NSW Crown Group Awards for Excellence – Winner of Affordable Development 2022. 

Master Builders Awards – Winner Affordable Housing 2022. 

More information and awards: investmentinsights_communityhousing.pdf 

Submitter's Details

OrganisationPartners: St George Community Housing (SGCH) (Developer), DKO Architecture (Architect), Keylan (Planner), WT Partnership (Quantity Supervisor), Lendlease (Builder), Northrop (Consultant), ABC Consultants (Consultant), In View (Consultant), Steve Watson Partners (Consultant), National Housing Finance and Investment Corporation (Current Financier) and Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC) (Original Financier)