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Building Details

Building NameMorningside Crossing Construction / refurbishment date Building Size6,330 sqm
Building Typeresidential multi unit Address 1808 Jancey Street Pittsburgh PA 15206 United States Region americas

Performance Details

Health and Wellbeing

Buildings or projects that display best practice approaches that enhance the health and wellbeing of their occupants, and as such have been verified and certified as "healthy" projects.

Achieved Certification Scheme: RESET Achieved Certification Level: used Passive House and RESET criteria as a basis for design Verification Year: 2019

Additional Details

Our air-quality monitors suggest that we are hitting RESET targets 90% of the time. The sensors are placed within units where occupant behavior can skew the results in a downward direction. This is a phenomenal finding. The building EUI is estimated to be in the mid twenties as we have not been operating for a year yet.

Air-quality is normally not available to low-income residents. Now the residents wee that they have superior air-quality on their smart-phone. There were no additional measures to improve air-quality other than specifying low VOC finishes and using and ERV for ventilation air. Passive House building naturally are inclined to meet RESET air-quality standards.

Submitter's Details

OrganisationThoughtful Balance

“Air-tight envelopes paired with filtered ventilation are the keys to not only energy savings using Passive House strategies and super-low energy use as well as air-quality that is hitting RESET air standards. This exciting two for one makes the health case for Passive House. Anecdotally we have noticed that our Passive House projects almost never require dusting!”