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Construction / refurbishment date01/06/1994
Building/Project Typeresidential multi unit Address Horsens, Odense and Copenhagen Denmark Region asia pacific

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Resources and Circularity

Buildings or developments that illustrate the principles of the circular economy in an exceptional way.

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Are recycled materials as durable as new materials? One of the biggest challenges for the implementation of recycled materials in construction on a larger scale is uncertainty and a lack of documentation for recycled materials’ quality and durability. Between 1990-1994, three residential properties were built from  80-90% recycled materials in Horsens, Odense and Copenhagen respectively. The aim was to employ full-scale, traditional construction methods making the greatest possible use of recycled materials. 

The evaluation of The Recycled Homes, which have been in operation for 30 years, supports the development of a circular economy and recycling in the construction sector, demonstrating that:

  • As long as recycled materials are carefully selected and, in many cases, tested prior to construction, their quality and condition will be equal to that of new materials. It makes no difference whether materials are old or new, what matters is their quality. 
  • The recycled materials are seen to have the same quality in terms of durability and quality as corresponding new materials.  Upon examination of the recycled properties and comparing them with reference buildings, no significant differences in durability and strength were observed. 
  • Most materials appear in good condition 30 years later and have not required more maintenance than usual.
  • Interviews were conducted with operators (housing companies) and residents to hear their experiences of the condition of the . The majority of residents are happy living in these buildings and do not have any negative perceptions of the recycled materials used – instead they are proud of it.

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