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Building/Project NameWard Village Construction / refurbishment date01/01/2012 Building/Project Size60 acres
Building/Project Typeother Address 1240 Ala Moana Blvd, Honolulu 96814 Hawaii United States of America Honolulu Hawaii 96814 United States of America Region africa

Performance Details

Health and Wellbeing

Existing buildings or developments that demonstrate outstanding performance in improving the health, equity and/or resilience of people in local communities.

Other Achieved Certification Scheme and Level: LEED Neighborhood Development, Platinum Certification

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Ward Village operates with the principle that sustainability can also be cost-conscious and work within the local urban and natural ecosystem, enhancing life for its residents and the surrounding community. This is ultimately good business for the long term. Sustainability in practice for the Ward Village development extended beyond analysing a collection of buildings and is about applying core principles across a master planned community that have produced financial returns organically. However, in holding the development to a higher standard and achieving LEED Platinum certification for the master plan, the cost premiums are usually difficult to quantify, but this holistic and thoughtful approach has led to both industry accolades and high leasing and sales velocity.

Implementing sustainable practices as an inherent part of the design process for Ward Village has set the tone for residents and visitors who inhabit the development and feel a sense of purpose and belonging to a community where responsible urban living and care for the island environment is a priority.

These sustainable practices in action have naturally lowered overhead costs associated with efficient energy and water usage, as well as sewage and stormwater management. Additionally, the development incurred recurring savings and benefits for LEED certification and has yielded greater investment returns because of the urban infill location and connection of mixed-use retail in proximity to parks and mass transit corridors.

Building management systems allow for optimised utility operations as well as managing stormwater run-off to limit reliance and impact on the city system. For instance, at Victoria Ward Park, dry-well systems are used to drain building storm water naturally into the park and precipitate deep down into the ground to deter runoff from entering directly into the municipal sewer system. The established infrastructure did not require extra expenditure but a purposeful eye during the design process.

Design engineers tuned into the potential effects of weather due to the development’s location in a sub-tropical island setting as well as being collocated on a long shoreline. Every aspect of prior and proposed residential properties were modeled in wind tunnels for adaptation and provide as much comfortability for occupants and visitors as possible.

“Native and culturally based landscaping at Ward Village’s parks includes the vast planting of trees, flowers and plants to construct green spaces that were virtually non-existent during prior industrial land use. The greenery planted is native to the region to reduce water usage and support the restoration of native flora and fauna. Additionally, the tree canopy networks create shade, encouraging bike riding and walking, and offset heat island effects to lessen hardscape overheating and reduce the overall temperature of the neighborhood, all while enhancing real estate desirability at no added cost.

Sales for Ward Village began in 2014 and this thoughtful approach has led to the sale of more than 1,900 homes to date. Overall, the result of incorporating smart and sustainable features into ongoing developments within the master plan has resulted in a unique urban community that is an oasis to residents and visitors. Thoughtful development of the mixed uses has created tenant and residential demand resulting in faster than market absorption enhancing returns and mitigating risk. Meanwhile, the accolades Ward Village receives, such as “Master Planned Community of the Year” by the National Association of Home Builders and “”Best Planned Community in the United States” by Architectural Digest, continue to increase the marketing value and ongoing revenue of the community.

Over the last decade, Ward Village has generously donated and supported various community efforts in creating and preserving green space. For example, at the most recent residential project groundbreaking in 2020, Ward Village donated towards Trees for Honolulu’s Future for the Victoria Place groundbreaking, contributing to the work underway with the organization’s goal for Honolulu to achieve 35% tree canopy coverage by 2035. This donation reinforces Ward Village’s commitment to strengthening the community’s connection to nature.
Additionally, Ward Village has received the following recognitions:

● Architectural Digest’s Best Planned Community in America, 2017
● ASLA Professional Awards, Design Honor Award for IBM Honolulu Plaza, 2015
● Commercial Property Executive Distinguished Achievement Award, Best Financial Structure Category (Silver), 2015
● National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) National Awards
● Master Planned Community of the Year, 2018 Best Landscape Design, 2018
● Best Sales/Welcome Center, 2018
● Best Architectural Design of an Attached Community/Master Planned Community (Silver), 2018
● Pacific Business News, Best in Business, 2015
● Pacific Edge Award, Commitment to Green, 2017
● Pacific Edge Award, Corporate Social Responsibility, 2017
● PCBC Gold Nugget Awards, Best On-the Boards Mixed Use Project and Best Community Site Plan, 2017
● Sunset Magazine, Best Island Hot Spot, 2018
●, Ala Moana-Kakaako is #1 ranked neighborhood with the best amenities for a small city, 2016
● U.S. Green Building Council, LEED Neighbourhood Development Platinum Certification, 2013″

The Ward Village team is committed to philanthropic giving, volunteerism, civic and cultural engagement, dedicated to making an active difference in shaping Honolulu into a model 21st Century city.

The Ward Village Foundation was established to support forward-thinking initiatives that honour Hawaii’s rich history. To date, Ward Village has contributed more than $3.5 million to organisations that focus on community, culture, education and the environment.

Overall, Ward Village is an example of how development can embody stewardship and how awareness impacts future generations, as well as how the act of investing upfront results in offsetting returns due to elevated, high-quality user experiences. The development strives to maintain a low carbon footprint through thoughtful design, responsibly improving the operational built environment, aligning business practices with community and cultural values and creating a neighbourhood that fulfils communal live-work-play needs. This stems largely in part from early planning and organisational philosophies that are implemented from conception to operations. This early planning, in addition to delivering impactful spaces, also helps to reduce costs along the way.

Resulting from strong demand for new housing in Honolulu and the desire for an urban walkable lifestyle, Ward Village is quickly approaching the sellout of its five mixed-use residential towers that are either delivered or under construction—Waiea®, Anaha®, Ae‘o®, Ke Kilohana and ‘A’ali’i—which are transforming the popular shopping and dining district into a vibrant neighbourhood that offers ocean views and a thoughtfully curated mix of retail experiences set among walkable, open spaces. On the heels of a successful sales launch for `A`ali`i, the first turnkey living solution in Hawai‘i, Ward Village announced plans for Kō‘ula, designed by acclaimed architect Jeanne Gang. A‘ali‘i and Kō‘ula—along with the recently launched residential tower Victoria Place—will continue to expand the selection of new homes at Ward Village and sit at the top of the Victoria Ward Park central plaza, which serves as a key public gathering and activation space for the community.

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