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Building/Project NameXiao Jing Wan University Construction / refurbishment date15/01/2015 Building/Project Size55,000 square-metres
Building/Project Typeacademic Address QMVR+H2 Xiachong Residential District, Huiyang District, Huizhou, Guangdong Province, China Xiao Jing Wan Guangdong Province China Region asia pacific

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The complex of university buildings were designed and constructed to respect the area’s vernacular heritage whilst minimising the environmental impact of construction by sourcing and manufacturing materials locally.

The local area, east of Shenzhen, has a long tradition of constructing masonry brick buildings using locally sourced soil, therefore the entire manufacturing process was carried out at a neighbouring factory, reducing the embodied carbon produced during the material extraction and production, transportation, manufacturing and construction processes. The main materials used are purpose-made bricks and concrete. 

Xiao Jing Wan is a coastal university-style campus designed by Foster and Partners for China Resources Group, and achieved the Certificate of Green Building Design Label – 2 Star. The 55,000 square-metre university campus is part of a larger mixed use development, consisting of a hotel, clubhouse, retail and residential components.

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OrganisationFoster and Partners